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Partner with the world’s best obstacle course race and our highly-engaged, health-conscious, global community of 8-million strong.
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With over 6 million race participants to date and an 8 million-member social community, teaming up with Spartan isn’t your average partnership. We seek to create fully-integrated partnership packages that expose your brand to our passionate community through unique and credible activations. Spartan offers a wide range of partnership opportunities across a variety of channels.

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Become an Affiliate Partner

Whether your business is gym, fire department, corporate office or something else— becoming a Spartan affiliate partner means deep discounts for your team and a pair of complimentary tickets for your employees, clients, or members.

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Spartan Race has hosted 450+ events across 45 countries since it’s creation in 2007. Our events span from the world’s most popular obstacle course races to trail events, functional fitness challenges, multi-stage mountain bike races and team-based endurance missions.

Partner with the best in class performance event brand in the business to bring a world class fitness competition to your region.


As the Spartan Partner, we propose to your brand the complex promo. Your product or services will be
professionally presented to our big Spartan community.
We know from the survey, that 54% racers usually buy product of the Partner of uses the services in
the future. Spartans in CEU usually spends from 200 EUR to 300 EUR during the weekend.

Partner Benefits

Main partner of Spartan Romania: Cheile Grădiștei - Fundata Resort
Spartan venue partners are promoted all over the world during the whole year.
”A fairytale landscape”. This is the first thing visitors and guests usually say when they arrive at the Fundata resort and admire the overwhelming view of the Piatra Craiului and Bucegi mountains. The resort is located 35 km away from Brasov and 5 km away from the Moieciu resort, and it includes 224 double rooms, apartments, studios and triple rooms.

Shop at the event? No problem.
During each event, there are plenty of customers who are ready to try and buy your quality product. The targeting is very cool; you will catch exactly the relevant audience.
Sponser our sports nutrition partner
Sponser is speed, Sponser is endurance, Sponser is power but above all Sponser is performance and balance!

Comfort zone with bean-bags in branded tents for brand connected experience
Spartan Race and Maurer Real Estate have developed around the concept of COMMUNITY. Beyond a simple obstacle race and beyond the apartments built, lies the desire to build communities made up of thousands of people who resonate with our values, people united by the same thought, the same mission. We want to make a positive impact on people's well-being and change lives.

Our partners can benefit from increased attention through themed competitions in which the public participates with great interest. Csikisor

The right product in the right place. Promotion strategies according to the type of products or services offered.
The Spartans' favourite energy drink awaits them at the finish line.

Minerals, electrolytes and energy from natural sources: Cocomax - natural coconut juice

You will be all the time in the centre of the attention and your logo is presented on all materials on the event and before and after the event online.

Be close to the each Spartan and put the sampling to the registration package.
On actual events racers tested the Strong Power gel

Part of each Spartan event is the Main Global partner – CRAFT

Quality, which resists all the obstacles!

Moments is waiting for finisher competitors at the finish line with crispy wafles, because energy is essential after a hard Spartan race.